Month: February 2023

Half a million protesters in the Zócalo against the ‘Plan B’ of the electoral reform of López Obrador

The Mexican president seeks to modify 400 articles of fundamental laws, but a mass population is against Peru withdraws its ambassador in Mexico due to the interference of López Obrador The Zócalo, in Mexico City, brought together thousands of people this Sunday, some sources point out that there were 100,000 (the organizers 500,000), who protested […]

Albares accuses Belarra to extend bulos by ensuring that Spain could send soldiers to Ukraine

A new crack opens in the three -month coalition government of the municipal and regional elections The Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, has accused his coalition companions of Unidas Podemos, more specifically to Minister Ione Belarra, to launch Bulos in saying that Spain could send troops to the Ukraine War. “Both Spain and the European […]

The Government urges Feijóo to have the “gallantry” to vote NO to the Vox and Tamames motion “as Casado did”

The Socialists now put the former popular leader as an example for his rejection of Abascal’s motion in 2020′ Pedro Sánchez’s strategy before the second motion of censure that this legislature will face, and that Vox will register this Monday in the Congress of Deputies, has been outlined this Sunday. The socialist part of the […]

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