Albares accuses Belarra to extend bulos by ensuring that Spain could send soldiers to Ukraine

A new crack opens in the three -month coalition government of the municipal and regional elections
The Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, has accused his coalition companions of Unidas Podemos, more specifically to Minister Ione Belarra, to launch Bulos in saying that Spain could send troops to the Ukraine War.

“Both Spain and the European Union or NATO is totally discarded,” Albares said during his visit to the Albacete Circus Theater where he went to an act of the party.

It must be remembered that the leader of Pode to sending Spanish soldiers to Ukraine.

Thus opens one more crack in the PSOE-PODE coalition government for the Ukraine War, which we must add in the last two months the effects of the law of “yes is yes.” All this three months after the municipal and regional elections.

Albares reiterated one of the mantras of the government: «Spain sends the Ukrainian country defensive material to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty in an illegal and unjustified war. A war that is causing thousands and thousands of innocent victims. ”

“It serves to defend millions of helpless civilians who are being bombed, because Russia does not discriminate between military and civil objectives,” said the minister who described as Bulle’s statements from Belarra that Spain could even send troops to war.

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