And ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ saved Hollywood’s ass

The sequel to ‘Top Gun’ has raised 1,406 million euros worldwide, in a year in which cinema in Salas has tried to recover after the pandemic
and you have saved Hollywood’s ass. And, probably, you have also saved the distribution in rooms. Seriously, Top Gun: Maverick has been able to save the entire film industry in Salas. “On February 13, at the lunch of the Oscars, Steven Spielberg hugged Tom Cruise and an indiscreet camera captured the conversation to the ear. Spielberg, probably the producer – and director – with more power in Hollywood thanked the producer and actor protagonist of the second highest grossing film of 2022 the effort to release his film in rooms, despite the fact that the public’s return to the cinemas – With restrictions in many countries because of the COVID – I would have deterred the studies of releasing their most ambitious titles. At first, Paramount had planned the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick for June 2020, later by November 2021 and finally for May 2022, due to the increase in infections of the new Delta variant. A premiere was even put on the table on the table, as has been the case with some of the most anticipated films of Disne and.
With the cinemas turned into the weakest link in the negotiations for the exhibition windows – the time that passes from a movie opens in the cinema until it reaches the platforms – Cruise opted for a large world premiere in Salas, by Create an event that returned to the postpandemic world the illusion to fill the armchair back. The result has been a global collection of more than 1,406 million euros and the thaw of the Tour of the Billings to the big screen. Hence Spielberg’s hug, whose film, the Fabelman, competes with Top Gun: Maverick in the Oscar category for Best Film. “I suppose that many would press you – the studies, the investors, whoever was released by the film in streaming – but you said no. And you endured the movie for two years. I suppose you had 1.5 billion dollars of reason,” Jimmy Kimmel snapped to Cruise in his late show last week. “People had been waiting for the movie for more than 34 years, so I assumed that a couple of more years would not matter,” Cruise replied. “I would have delayed it 10 years if necessary. The movie was made to see it on a big screen. I did it for the cinema. We all did it for the cinema.”
Top Gun: Maverick appeared in style at the Cannes Festival, the cinema mecca … by author. Supersonic aircraft of the army made an exhibition filling the sky with blue, white and red smoke – the colors of the flags of France and the United States – and, at the end of the projection, the film of the film received five minutes of applause. The most prestigious festival in the world made a blockbuster that represents the quintessence of the American Palomiter cinema, which was already a declaration of intentions. The most important Hollywood star – with the permission of Brad Pitt – in a sequel to an action cinema classic, with aerial persecutions, a lot of computer -generated image and an ambition to become an intergenerational bridge between the nostalgic old and the new public . The criticism, even the most brave, has praised the work of Joseph Kosinski. And the Oscar nomination has come to complete that gratitude of a punishment industry for the pandemic to which many agoreros gave – and they give – for dead. It is true that, before Top Gun: Maverick, some blockbusters like The Batman or Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of madness, but, outside the superhero cinema, Top Gun: Maverick appealed to a more reluctant adult audience a more reluctant to Leaving home and getting into a movie theater.
Beyond the numbers and entering the pink terrain, the hug between Spielberg and Cruise also symbolizes the thaw of a tense relationship – “enmity,” according to US media – which has lasted almost 20 years. The encounter dates back to the early millennium. In 2002, Spielberg and Cruise collaborated for the first time in their careers thanks to Minority Report, a modern classic science fiction cinema and who advanced to the nightmare – a more real time – of hypervigilance and the mechanisms of prediction of behavior. The film raised 358 million worldwide and director and actor decided to repeat experience with the adaptation of a classic-also of science fiction-such as the War of the Worlds (2005). The film raised more than 600 million euros, but meant the schism between them. Why, if the world war worked at the box office? Because the promotion was about to end the actor’s career. Cruise’s moment jumping on the Oprah Winfrey couch and proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes belongs to that promotional tour. The speech against psychiatry and against Brooke Shields For taking antidepressants, too. To add more firewood, out of cameras, members of Scientology harassed a known psychiatrist from Spielberg whom the producer had mentioned in some private conversation with Cruise, which caused him to suspect that the actor had something to do with the escrache. In private, and always according to the mentiseros, Spielberg blamed Cruise that the film had not raised even more than he did because of his unfortunate statements in the media. Today they are two older decades and who knows if wisest, and both compete in a year without a favorite obvious in the Oscars. It will be this Sunday when we discover how grateful the Hollywood academy is really and if Top Gun: Maverick (six nominations) manages to impose itself on the Fabelman (seven nominations). The two kings of the box office faced as Kaijus for the Oscar.

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