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The Supreme Court archives the appeals against the pardons for Forcadell, Forn and Rull after the repeal of sedition

The court will continue to study the cases of Junqueras and the rest of the pro-independence leaders also convicted of embezzlement The repeal of the sedition agreed by the Government and ERC has led the Supreme Court to file the appeals filed against the pardons granted to the former president of the Parliament of Catalonia […]

Risto Mejide talks about fatherhood: “You can’t imagine how you lived before”

Luis Rubiales and Risto Mejide share reflections on fatherhood Risto Mejide shares with Luis Rubiales how fatherhood changed his outlook on life Risto Mejide is honest with Jorge Drexler like never before: “I’m not fine” Luis Rubiales and Risto Mejide shared in ‘Traveling with Chester’ how fatherhood has changed their lives. The president of the […]

The pilot of the DGT helicopter that crashed in Madrid tested positive for cocaine and methamphetamine

The pilot of the DGT Pegasus helicopter crashed last Sunday in Robledo de Chavela, Madrid, tested positive for cocaine and methamphetamines, as El Periódico de España, from the Prensa Ibérica group, has learned.. To try to avoid control by the Civil Guard, sources familiar with what happened explained to this newspaper, the pilot fled to […]

Andorra’s sewers

On August 24, 2014, the Consul General of the United States sent a letter to the then minister of Andorra, Gilbert Saboya, in which he demanded that Andorran banks apply controls on cash receipts. It explained how the Dutch mafia had entered 16 million euros into a bank in the square, which was not BPA. […]

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