Feijóo raises the 28M as the “first stage” for a change in Spain: “I will be jointly responsible for the results”


And he has stressed that he does not intend to “hide” in a campaign of “equidistance or low profile.”

And he has also refused to settle for the sum with other forces to “hide” a “defeat” of the “popular” at the polls: “I will never work to facilitate votes for other parties.” “I am not Pedro Sánchez (…) I will tour Spain with you, I will be the last in each of the acts of the match and I will be jointly responsible for the results”, he has settled.

“The time has come to say this far we have come”
The leader of the PP has summoned his people to “begin to turn over the worst political page of Spanish democracy” with a “new policy” and not “swallow” with a government “based on lies.”

“The time has come to say this far because there is no one to swallow this government and our obligation is to guarantee a better one in every corner of Spain,” he assured. Therefore, he has rejected that the Spanish should “swallow” with the “jokes” of the CIS, with the reduction of sentences by the “only yes is yes” law or with the change in the policy on the Sahara.

He has also said that the Spanish do not have to “swallow” at the regional level the socialist “barons” who, “by action or omission, complied with each of Sánchez’s outrages.”

Feijóo has criticized that this “is very little serious” and does not want to resemble that policy in the least. For this reason, he has proposed forming “a new majority of strong, solid and stable governments.”

He exhibits unity with Ayuso and praises his leadership and “his bravery”

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