Gaspar Llamazares returns to the first political line as a candidate for mayor of Oviedo

The former deputy will lead the United Left List to try to recover the representation in the City of the Asturian capital
The former deputy Gaspar Llazares returns to the first political line and will be the candidate for mayor of Oviedo in the next municipal elections planned for May 28 of this year. According to ‘El Comercio’, Llamazares will lead the United Left List in an attempt to re -achieve representation of his party at the City Council, after losing it in 2019.

After 15 years as a deputy in Congress, Llamazares agrees to resume political activity from a more local level and under a project of “reconstruction and revitalization of the left.” The first objective is to re -enter the town hall after leaving in the last municipal elections, that is, re -achieved the representation that Izquierda Unida had maintained for 40 years.

Llamazares will try to offer “seriousness, dialogue and collaboration” to leave behind “social, political, urban and institutional fractures.” That is why he considers that he believes we will have to look for support, see “what are the most priority and most urgent elements” and also “adapt the idea of limit, desires and their corresponding reality.”

IU agreement and more Asturies-more country
Last Saturday, the United Left of Asturias and more Asturies-more country reached a principle of agreement for the regional and municipal elections of May, with the aim of combining forces on the left. In the agreement, under the title ‘Declaration of the Botanist of Gijón’, both forces claim the “vocation of government” as a way of social transformation, and “rebel” before the demographic decline and the descent of Asturias of the million million inhabitants.

In a press release that includes EP, they raise industrial, infrastructure, social cohesion policies, culture and defense of public health and education, all from a feminist analysis, commitment to youth and Defense of the environment.

The General Coordinator of IU Asturias and candidate for the presidency of the Asturias Government, Ovidio Zapic that enrolls in call by Asturias, an initiative promoted by the organization that “begins to bear fruit.”

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