Madrid dresses in sambódromo: parade, murgas and castizas chirigotas to celebrate carnival in the region

Madrid Rio hosts a parade with more than one hundred artists of six nationalities
The ‘Elton’ chirigota, the ‘Trupe’, sang to Madrid, from Madrid to Madrid, with a vibrato in the throat. The one that opened the carnival plane of the pasodoble to the Gran Vía, to the chulapo, to the Cadiz thing of the capital, that there is. That pulling for the near: Cádiz, Málaga, where ‘Elton’ has been composing for many years to Salgo and Ave Salto and whose way of feeling Mrs. Lentesma has embedded in the city. ‘Elton’ is not called ‘Elton’ in purity, and if you have to get out of control, go and act with his Madrid chirigota although he “this year will not be there.” His is to turn Madrid into a carnival city, to its form. And he does. It is true that Madrid always had its burial of the sardine, its masks dance in the Circle of Fine Arts, as if we were in Venice and in a hall of the center. And the newspaper library, you have to insist, it is to remember.

In this, Madrid, now that the ‘move’ has put Neptune in the posters designed by María Picassó and Piquer, opens today, with a South American parade, the carnival. That from the Bridge Bridge to the Black Esplanade, Madrid Río, that well -sewn sewing of the town, will be a sambódromo. And because from Bolivia to Argentina, and from there to Brazil, the parade will give this part of Madrid a special carnestolendas brightness. Very special, yes, as special as the company. Plurinational

At 12.00 the parade starts in the curious bridge. You have to put on today, in which the float of La Tarasca was designed by the architect Andrea D’Dorico in an ‘revival’ exercise of the 92 parade, which walked under the baton of the great Miguel Narros. All that carnival returns, after years of mask and silence, in the itinerary of sneer and Matasuegra in which Madrid is becoming now that the almond trees flourish.
Hour and a half parade of the carnival powers, a proclamation of Fernando Gil, the actor who represents the alleged toxic masculinity par excellence in ‘Male Alfa’, and much more. They will be giving, then, on the black esplanade, 13.30 on Saturday. The next day, from 12 to 15 in slaughterhouse, the XV Meeting of Murgas and Chirigotas will take place that, looking the same, are not the same. Neither in rhythm nor in regulations; although in the Spanish magin they end up mixing. It is like “confusing the mountain cat with the lynx,” says a pasodoble.

The numbers
Beyond, the figures are the figures. 100 artists and six nationalities, on the institutional role, who celebrate today that February dies, that spring arrives, and that Madrid Río wants to tell you to you to Rio de Janeiro. And if the carnival, with everything that seems like it, may seem little, the Consistory plans a DJ’s concert in Matadero, with the presence, among others, by Jimena Amarillo, Varry Brava and so on. It will be at 14.25, which today must be open to diverse music and save energies.

Tomorrow will be Sunday. Everything will fall in Castizón and the Pellele will be maintained, a meseteña tradition where there are: it will be at 11.00, in the Plaza B of Matadero and under the inventiveness of Arrabel Castellano. The prior to the mentioned mess of murgas and chirigotas.

Ultimately, and before the burial of the sardine arrives, there are moments from today to enjoy this early spring. With Venetian mask, or Cadiz, or Brazilian, and cane whistle and Venetian queresnces to the hidden banks of Manzanares. Shores that in 22 will see the Goyesco burial of the sardine.

And not only will the capital enjoy these parties: in Alcalá de Henares today the contest of Pasacalles and Drag Queen is held, while in so that in Fuenlabrada, at 20.00, the mechanical goat will offer a concert in the Plaza de la Constitución .

In Aranjuez, for leaving the metropolis, the Consistory foresees about 2,000 people, starting at 5:00 p.m., following the route with the rests and versions of the town, the region also ‘Carnalevalea’. A full carnival Saturday from one point to another from the community.

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