New car sales shoot 32% in January and February

They are still far from the prepaandia figures, but the rhythm of enrollments has begun 2023 animated. In the first two months, new car sales have grown 32% compared to last year, standing at 138,039 units. A part of that increase could be explained by the waiting lists that have accumulated in the last year because of the problems that factories have had to stock up on components. Only in February 74,001 vehicles were sold, 19% more.

All roads grow, which means market standardization. During February the deliveries to individuals achieved an increase of 8.6% (32,463 units), while the companies closed with an advance of 12% (32,041) and the rentals were made with 9,497 new units, an increase of 149%. , which allows us to think that the problems to find rental cars in the last holiday periods would be resolved.

Another novelty of this year is the prominence that cars with the so -called alternative technologies (electric, hybrid and gas) technologies again have again, which represent 45.1% of the total, above 41.6% of the of gas. Diesel is becoming a residual market that barely exceeds 13% market share. According to ANFAC, Faconauto and Ganvam data, CO₂ emissions are located at 118.7 grams, 0.46% less.

ANFAC, the employer who represents the brands, has presented to the Government a proposal for fiscal and incentive measures that consider that, if the non -direct and taxable aids in the Income Tax were modified, the Sales of electric vehicles and plug -in hybrids.

Despite the non -total improvement of the situation in the assembly of vehicles due to a better operation of the supply chain, the sector lives now by the lack of carriers that carry the vehicles from the factories and the ports to the concessionaires. To alleviate the effects, some brands such as Stellantis are trying that their workers can assume that role.

In the first two months of the year Toyota continues to endure the sales lead, with 12,666 units. They are followed by Seat (10,446) and Kia (9,929). The best -selling models are currently Dacia Sandero, Seat Arona and Peugeot 2008.

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