Pay US$900 to share a room with four people in Miami Beach

This is the story of Matías Espinosa, an Argentine musician from Santa Fe, who, like many other Latinos, shares his home in the city of the sun.

Mati, as his friends call him, came to the United States in search of the American dream and after a month of stumbling around he found accommodation. Of course, at a rate of US$ 900 to share a room with three other people: an Argentine who has two children in her country and is trying to find a place in Miami and later bring them, a Venezuelan looking for work, and a Colombian who is struggling to enter to the University.

“The apartment has two rooms where there are four people in each one, the owner earns US$7,200 a month for renting these eight beds,” says a surprised Matías to CNN.

“We are eight people distributed, four and four, and well, the truth is that the price is high. Even though there are many of us, I am paying US$900 a month and living together is really complicated. One has to adapt, but it is quite complicated”.

And it is that the rents, like the other prices in South Florida, have increased vertiginously.

According to data from, the Miami metropolitan area is the fastest growing area in the United States in 2022, a 29.9% increase in rent. In 2021 the rental price in Miami had already risen 52.4% compared to the previous year.

Despite what for many would be a nightmare, Matías Espinosa tries to show the positive side. “From the first day I took out the guitar, I am one of those who think that music unites and the truth is that we all have a very good vibe”. However, this musician from Santa Fe acknowledges that not everything is rosy. “The biggest conflicts arise at breakfast, an Ecuadorian who fries everything, since there is no oven in the house, leaves tremendous smells with its seasoning.”

Beyond the smell, Espinosa also recognizes that his house never sleeps, there is always movement. “Some work in discotheques and while we sleep they arrive with their nocturnal noise and smell at 4 in the morning. The truth is that many times I have woken up and kept awake and I can’t sleep anymore, then you get up and there are people since morning who are exercising or drinking beer and listening to music”.

But like good Latinos, there is always room to share. “There is a community meal at lunchtime where everyone puts some ingredients and we make a big pot to eat lunch together.”

The real estate situation is clear: the trend for the cost of rentals is upward. Christian Salgado, a real estate specialist at MDZ Realt, confirms that the rent will continue to rise, “it will increase little by little, year after year. That’s why I think it’s still going to be a strong buying market here in South Florida,” he says.

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