Questions and answers of the complaint of the Prosecutor’s Office to Barcelona for the ‘Negreira case’: fines, penalties and dissolution

What does this complaint mean? Can it have sporting consequences for the club? Can Bartomeu end up in jail?What will the Prosecutor’s Office accuse Barcelona of as a club?
The Prosecutor’s Office will accuse the Barça club of continued corruption in business, a crime that came into force with the 2010 penal reform and that includes fraud in the sports field.

2. The same penalties shall apply to those who, by themselves or through an intermediary, promise, offer or grant to directors, administrators, employees or collaborators of a commercial company or a company, an unjustified benefit or advantage, of any nature, for them or for third parties, as consideration for unduly favoring him or a third party over others in the acquisition or sale of merchandise, contracting of services or in commercial relations.

3. The judges and courts, in attention to the amount of the benefit or the value of the advantage, and to the transcendence of the functions of the culprit, may impose the penalty lower in degree and reduce the fine at their prudent discretion.


What penalties does Barcelona face?

c) Suspension of their activities for a period that may not exceed five years.

d) Closure of its premises and establishments for a period that may not exceed five years.

 This prohibition may be temporary or permanent. If temporary, the period may not exceed fifteen years.

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