Sánchez warns Del Pino: “We are going to verify that Ferrovial’s march corresponds to the law”

The head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, criticized this Thursday Ferrovial’s decision to change its headquarters to the Netherlands and pointed out the lack of commitment of its president, Rafael del Pino, whom he warned: “We are going to verify that the Ferrovial’s departure corresponds to the law”.

This has been indicated in an institutional statement together with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, in the framework of her tour of Ireland, Denmark and Finland prior to the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

I think that in Spain there are extremely positive examples of large businessmen committed to their country. Of course, after this announcement, I believe that this is not the case with Mr. Del Pino”, the president pointed out when asked by journalists.

In this sense, he has defended the “important role in our society” and “social responsibility” that companies have, especially in times of crisis such as the pandemic or the war in Ukraine. Likewise, he has recalled decisions that have been adopted in recent years, such as the ERTE and the mechanisms of the Official Credit Institute, which he has said have allowed these situations to be overcome.

For all these reasons, the president explained that the Executive is going to analyze whether the decision of the Ferrovial leadership “corresponds to the law.”

Ferrovial will move its headquarters to the Netherlands and will be listed in the United States
Ferrovial will move its headquarters to the Netherlands and will be listed in the United States
Since the announcement was made public last Tuesday, the Government has not hesitated to express its discomfort at the march of the Spanish construction company, with decades of relationship with the Administration through public contracts, and they have blamed the march solely on a ” personal interest” of its president to pay less taxes.

“The argument they give is ridiculous,” government sources have indicated to RTVE, referring to the reasons that have led the multinational to want to move its headquarters to later go public in the United States. Among others, they have pointed out that the transfer will allow them to access “capital markets in better conditions”, in a country with a “stable” legal framework.

Sánchez defends the “rotundity” of the PSOE in the ‘Meditor case’
On the other hand, Sánchez has defended the “resounding” response of the PSOE to the ‘Meditor case’, in which the former Socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo would be implicated. “The response is immediate and resounding: expulsion from the party and withdrawal from the seat,” he asserted.

The keys to the ‘Mediator case’: Who is who and how did the plot work?
The keys to the ‘Mediator case’: Who is who and how did the plot work?
The journalists have asked the head of the Government how he was going to facilitate the investigation of this case and what electoral cost he thinks it could cause him directly. Sánchez has limited himself to pointing out that when there is an action by a political leader that does not correspond to the standards of exemplarity that is required of him, on the part of the PSOE the action is “clear, resounding and immediate.”

The party forced Curbelo to resign his seat in Congress at the beginning of February after being implicated in an anti-fraud operation carried out in the Canary Islands, which has resulted in the arrest of a dozen people for alleged irregularities committed in the management of related subsidies. to food products. Days later, he was arrested for his alleged involvement.

The first investigations suggest that he was the alleged ringleader of the plot, together with the retired Civil Guard general Francisco Espinosa Navas and the ‘mediator’, Marco Antonio Navarro Tacoronte. The three would have established a system of collecting bribes and extorting businessmen.

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