‘Star Wars Universe’, the biggest exhibition in the galaxy

It can be seen at the Arts Center, Tomás and Valiente de Fuenlabrada, where workshops are also taught
The fascination with the ‘Star Wars’ saga is as great as the universe itself where its adventures develop, and evidence of this is that each year there are countless tribute events in all corners of the world. And now, it touches Fuenlabrada.

Since last Wednesday, the Tomás and Valiente Arts Center hosts the exhibition ‘Star Wars’ Universe, one of the largest that has been carried out to date in Spain, which has unique pieces of collector and real size and also It will offer workshops and activities during the weekends.

In total, more than 150 unique pieces of the famous television saga will be displayed, some exclusive to real size collection and that can not be seen anywhere else. The public can enjoy several novelties and scenarios, on a real scale, admiring in all its detail the figures of scale 1: 1 of a group of Jawas, of Bobba Fett, of Han Solo in Carbonita and above all, of the king of the bass Funds sitting on its throne, a set that measures more than two and a half meters high with a length of seven and a half meters. Another novelty refers to the Endor Moon, where part of the plot of El Reto del Jedi takes place. On a real scale, two imperial bikers get on their jet motorcycle under the watchful eye of several Ewoks, which wield their spears waiting for their companions to throw a surprise attack.

The clone wars also have their place among the novelties of this exhibition, with real -scale figures of Chewacca, Captain Rex and the Yoda master that reproduce the struggles of these three characters on that planet against the Android Army of the Federation of Commerce. In a collection like this, two characters as emblematic as C3PO and R2-D2, represented by two figures at scale 1: 1, one of them endowed with sound, lights and movement could not be missing.

Nor could they stop being present at an event like this the Figures at 1: 1 Scale already And two of the most charismatic villains throughout the saga: Darth Malgus, the dark lord of the old republic who destroyed the Jedi temple, and Darth Maul, one of the most marked pieces of the exhibition, since only 25 units were manufactured.
To complete a unique staging, more than twenty glazed and personalized showcases reproduce some of the most marked scenes of the trilogy, among which other great recreations that can be enjoyed in the exhibition: attack on Coruscant (the capital of the Republic ), Interior of the cantina of Mos Eisley, interior flagship ship of the imperial Navy, attack on the star of death, interior flagship ship of the imperial navy, exterior of the Palacio de Jabba, Tatooine, Sala del Palacio de Jabba, forest of forest of Jedis endor and duel.

To complete this unique experience, during the weekends workshops and free activities, with virtual reality areas, a Jedi school, models and even war games with laser guns will be taught.

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