The Congress reinforces the control of visitors in the middle of the Mediator case

The Lower House separates the circular sent to all its workers from the activity of Tito Berni
The Congress of Deputies, as of this Wednesday, March 1, will unify the control of visitors who access the Lower House. This has been stated in an internal communication by the General Secretariat of the institution, dated February 24, in full scandal over the Mediator case and the meetings in parliamentary offices of former deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes, alias Tito Berni, who is accused various crimes in this plot, including influence peddling and bribery.

From now on, the deputies, officials and assistants who wish to accredit visitors from outside the Congress must fill out an Excel document that will include the name and surname of the guest, their National Identity Document (DNI) and other observations they wish to record. . It is the same data that was requested up to now, but stored in a single channel.

Sources from the Lower House emphasize that the communication, although it coincides in time with the Mediator case, has nothing to do with it. It is, they explain, an administrative matter to facilitate the work of the police officers who work in Congress. Until now, accreditations were processed by email and the amount received, which bounced from one department to another, meant that some were lost, hindering the work of those responsible for security.

Feijóo demands that Sánchez reveal the names of the 15 parliamentarians who participated in the ‘festivities’ of Tito Berni
The popular ones request the appearance of four ministers for the Mediator case

These sources lament the interpretation that is being made by linking the circular with the activities of Tito Berni, who paraded businessmen through Congress who he later allegedly tried to collect bribes. According to other sources, this regulation was a request from the Special Commissioner of the Congress of Deputies for “years ago.”

Although the communication has been sent to all the workers of the Lower House, not only to the deputies, their honorable members commented this Tuesday through the corridors of Congress on the possible link between this circular and the Mediator case, which has practically monopolized the press conferences before and after the Board of Spokespersons.

Regulate the ‘lobbies’
In fact, parliamentary sources say that this measure, which basically brings together accredited visits in a single spreadsheet to facilitate police work, does not in any way hinder the activities that deputies could later do with their visitors. For this, different people remark, it would be necessary to regulate the ‘lobbies’ in depth; an objective of the PSOE today abandoned.

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