The General Director of the Civil Guard resigns

She confessed that it was a “tough” decision made after learning of her husband’s accusation in a criminal case
The general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, has urgently called an appearance in which she has announced her resignation after her husband has been summoned in a criminal case.

Gámez, in an institutional statement, stressed that the reason for the call was her resignation, a “harsh” decision that she had communicated to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska after learning that her husband had been summoned in a statement before the judge “without enter the right to the presumption of innocence” she said, her husband also has. She makes this decision because for her “values and ethics” are above any project. “I will not even remotely allow someone to try to use this to harm the Civil Guard.” I also “think about safeguarding and protecting my family,” she said.

She recalled that, as general director of this institution, she has tried to guide her work towards “efficiency and better service to the citizen” and she was proud to have been in charge of the Armed Institute, an institution of which she said “I have tried to give what better of myself” to serve “as well as possible the Body for which she said she feels a “deep admiration”.
She leaves the direction of the Armed Institute “satisfied” for having done her “bit of sand” as one of the “most valued” institutions.

The resignation coincides with the judicial investigations for the alleged irregularities in works in 13 command posts and with the “Meditor case”, affecting two retired generals, Pedro Vázquez Jarava and Francisco Espinosa Navas, the latter in prison for the bites in which he is also involved. former socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo, alias ‘Tito Berni’, was charged.

María Gámez replaced Félix Azón at the head of the Civil Guard in January 2020, both with Fernando Grande-Marlaska as Minister of the Interior. Previously, she was a subdelegate of the Government in the province of Malaga and a councilor in the Malaga City Council.

The current Government delegate in Madrid, Mercedes González, will be the one to assume the position of director of the Civil Guard.

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