The Government advises Ferrovial that it does not see economic reasons for the change of its headquarters to the Netherlands

In a letter sent to the CEO of the Spanish construction company, Ignacio Madridejos, the Ministry of Economy has indicated that after the analysis carried out by the CNMV and BME – who have traveled to the US and have been in contact with their US counterparts – no There are no obstacles (legislative, regulatory, supervisory or operational) that could explain the decision to facilitate its IPO on the US market, as Ministry sources have confirmed to RTVE.

Ferrovial defends that it is a natural step towards its internationalization
On February 28, Ferrovial’s board of directors proposed a merger between the parent company and Ferrovial International, a Dutch European public limited company that already owns 86% of the company’s assets, which will mean the transfer of the registered office of Spain to the Netherlands.

Ferrovial defends that this operation is a natural step towards its internationalization, responds strictly to business arguments to compete against the infrastructure giants and will bring greater liquidity, access to financing under better conditions and a greater capacity to attract foreign investors.

Its shareholders will submit the operation to a vote

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