The Government denounces the maximum seriousness of political corruption in the Catalonia operation

The spokesperson for the Executive warns that former minister Fernández Díaz maintains his membership in the PP, without any reaction from Feijóo: “Today, like yesterday, he protects this type of behavior”

At the same time that the Board of the Congress of Deputies has reactivated this Tuesday the commission of investigation of the Catalonia operation, the Government spokesperson has recalled that the Prosecutor’s Office has also claimed up to 15 years in prison for the former minister Fernández Díaz, in this case for the Kitchen operation, while “today he still remains in the ranks of the PP”. Not in vain, in the PSOE they oppose the withering reaction of Pedro Sánchez to expel Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo from the party and withdraw the seat, for the so-called Mediator case, with the attitude of Alberto Núñez Feijóo before other cases of alleged corruption that dot the PP, like that of former minister Fernández Díaz: “He has not moved a finger”, they warn about the PP leader.

“This type of attitude is not admissible, it damages the Spanish State and it damages our democracy,” warns the minister spokesperson
Minister Isabel Rodríguez has shown this Tuesday from Moncloa her “absolute condemnation and forceful rejection” of the Catalonia operation. “This type of attitude is not admissible, it damages the Spanish State and it damages our democracy.” Therefore, the executive spokesperson has insisted on denouncing the PP’s attitude of looking the other way.

The Executive spokesperson, in any case, has shown her “absolute confidence in justice and in the judicial process” opened by a Madrid court on the Catalonia operation, and has expressed her “respect for the parties who initiate their legal actions in this moment”.

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