The Government urges Feijóo to have the “gallantry” to vote NO to the Vox and Tamames motion “as Casado did”

The Socialists now put the former popular leader as an example for his rejection of Abascal’s motion in 2020′
Pedro Sánchez’s strategy before the second motion of censure that this legislature will face, and that Vox will register this Monday in the Congress of Deputies, has been outlined this Sunday. The socialist part of the Government, in what is undoubtedly a coordinated and prepared message based on the arguments of Moncloa and Ferraz, focuses its darts on the leader of the Popular Party (PP), Alberto Núñez Feijóo, whom it urges to vote NO, as The PP made in 2020 to the motion headed by Santiago Abascal himself. A decision of the then leader of the popular, Pablo Casado -which he only revealed in the same debate, after weeks of speculation- which the socialists now use as an example.

In an appearance before the media at the PSOE headquarters in Madrid, the party’s spokesperson and Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, addressed Feijóo to challenge him to reject the motion led by the economist and former leader of the Communist Party as candidate of Spain (PCE), Ramón Tamames, and whose date has yet to be decided, once it is admitted for processing in an ordinary way by the Table of the Caja Chamber, the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet.

After assuring that the president of the PP has not been “oblivious” to the initiative -because, according to the minister, he would have hatched it in “secret” meetings with Abascal and with Tamames himself, although he tried to persuade the latter that it did not accept Vox’s offer- Alegría has assured that “I am sure that on this occasion Mr. Feijóo will not have the gallantry that his predecessor, Mr. Casado, had, and he will not vote against it.” What in her opinion translates into a habitual strategy of the opposition leader, hers, she has said, “throw the stone and hide the hand.”
Along the same lines, during a rally in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, praised Casado’s speech in which he announced his No to Abascal in October 2020, which in his opinion was “forceful against populism, against extremism, against the demagogy of Vox”. But in the opinion of Bolaños, “now, in this motion of censure, the PP has regressed, it is going to abstain. Every day closer to the ultra-right, doing little handy in the preparatory acts of the motion of censure, both with the candidate, the Mr. Tamames, as well as with that meeting with Mr. Abascal and that we had to find out later” he concluded.

Also this Sunday, in another appearance before the media on a matter related to his department, and when asked about the motion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has expressed himself in similar terms, urging Feijóo to vote NO and remembering that he did so three years ago Married.

Although it is true that the PP leader refused to vote against when Abascal announced the motion before Christmas, this last week, after confirming that Tamames accepted the offer, he did not hesitate to call it a “parliamentary show.” Thus, abstention seems the most likely option for the 89 deputies of the Popular Group.

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