The Ibero-American Summit closes with consensus on its four major objectives



The rulers spoke out “in favor of a safe, orderly and regular migration” that respects the rights of migrants.

peace pledge

“We will work for complete, just and lasting peace throughout the world based on the principles of the United Nations Charter, including the principles of sovereign equality and territorial integrity of states,” the Santo Domingo Declaration reads.

The High Representative of Foreign Policy of the European Union (EU) spoke about the war in Ukraine.

Sánchez brought together Ibero-American progressives

For his part, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, pointed out that he intends to ensure that the voice of progressive Ibero-American leaders gain weight in the face of great global challenges and advance in the promotion of social justice.

Sánchez took advantage of the coincidence in the Dominican capital of leaders of this political spectrum to exchange views on the matter.

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