The leaders of the criminal gang ‘Los Miami’ hid 20 million euros in a hole in their house

A national police officer who investigated the ‘Los Miami’ gang has stated in the trial that in the search of the chalet of two of its alleged leaders, the brothers Álvaro and Artemio López Tardón, on Avenida de las Azaleas in Madrid, they discovered that they had 20 million euros hidden in a hideout.

And he added that another of the alleged leaders, Ana María Cameno, known as the Queen of Coca, had the largest cocaine laboratory in Europe on a farm in Villanueva de Perales (Madrid) and “was a machine” selling drugs.

 Big amount of money.

They found the money by lifting the ground
He has recalled that they searched the home of the López Tardón brothers and found nothing until it occurred to them to lift the floor and that was when they discovered the money hidden in the zulo.

Álvaro López Tardón is not sitting on the bench in this trial because he is already serving 150 years in prison in the United States for these events.

Regarding Ana María Cameno, she stressed that “she was a machine, a very good worker and sensible in her business, she did not go out to parties and complied when she bought and sold drugs to her clients”, among whom were leaders of the lower echelons of the organization , the aforementioned agent has testified.

When recounting the security measures that Cameno took, he stressed that “she could carry up to twenty telephones in her bag, since she used one to call each contact, and sometimes she did not even know which one she had to use for each person.”

The witness has narrated that the investigators detected that in addition to distributing drugs, the members of the organization bought significant quantities of liquid chemical products used as precursors to prepare cocaine for sale, at which time they decided to carry out the operation against the gang in January. from 2011.

And he has added that they discovered that they took those liquids to the farm that Cameno rented in Villanueva de Perales, about which he has stressed: “There has never been such a large cocaine laboratory in Europe.”


Cameno is already in prison
Ana María Cameno is the only defendant in this hearing who is in prison, since she is serving a 16-year prison sentence imposed on her by the National Court in another proceeding for distributing one hundred kilos of cocaine.


These police officials have said that the investigation into the murder on January 12, 2009 of the Romanian Catalin Stefan Craciun, a doorman at the Heaven nightclub in Madrid, due to a possible settling of scores by Madrid nightclubs, ultimately led the Police to “pulling the thread” to discover the Miami gang and among its leaders Ana María Cameno.

Investigators have indicated that Álvaro Lopez Tardón carried out his drug trafficking activity from Miami, where he lived, and that when he arrived in Spain he dedicated himself to partying and “wasting money”, and also gave orders to his brother Artemio, who was in charge of manage the money laundering structure from Madrid.

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